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Leinster Clubs who would like to put Gala Details on this page should submit them to Tom Roche by eMail to

Leinster LC Masters Gala - 29 Apr 18
The Leinster LC Masters Gala will be held in the NAC on Sun 29 Apr 18. Attached are full Gala Detailsand HyTek Meet Events files. Closing date for entries is 9 Apr 18.

Wexford SC Spring Gala - Sunday 25 Mar 18
Wexford SC are pleased to attach Full Gala Details and HyTek Meet Events files for their upcoming Spring Gala which will be held this year on Sunday March 25th at the Wexford Swimming Pool in Ferrybank, Wexford Town.
Note: Wexfore SC are now pleased to announce that this will be a Level 2 gala wihtin Swim Ireland's classification. Times achieved at this gala will be accepted for entry into the Leinster Championship galas in May and June.

We have also extended the closing date of this gala by one week; entries will be accepted up until next Sunday, March 18th.
We will be very glad to welcome you to our pool in Ferrybank, Wexford for a great days swimming at the end of March. We can assure you that all of the snow will be well-cleared up by then and you can enjoy a spring Sunday in the sunny South-East together wiht keen competition in the pool!

Coolmine Swimming Club Annual SC Gala – Sunday 25 Mar 18
Coolmine SC is holding their 4th Annual Gala at Coolmine Sports Complex, Clonsilla, Dublin 15 on Sunday 25 March 2018.  We will run a full programme of 50m and 100m events; 200m mixed heats as well as freestyle relays and fun mixed medley relays.  Please find attached Full Gala details and the revised Hy Tek Meet Events file for our gala correcting a minor issue with the 12&U mixed medley relay.  If you any questions please contact Janet Jacobs. Entries on Hy Tek file only please and the closing date for receipt of entries is Friday 16 March 2018.
We look forward to seeing you on the day.   All enquiries to Janet Jacobs at:

New Ross SC Gala - 14-15 Apr 18
With great regret, New Ross SC wish to announce that they have to postpone their gala due to rbe held on 14-15 April.
Unfortunately, they have been unable to secure a referee to cover the two days, and cannot run the gala without a referee in place.
They are hoping this will just be a postponement, and are working to find an alternative date.
Sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused. An update will be posted as soon as any further details are available.

Leinster B Confined Schools Championships - 20 May 18
The Leinster B Confined Schools Competition will take place at The Watershed swimming pool, Kilkenny on Sun 20 May 18. Closing Date for entries is 13 May 18. Click here for full details.

Leinster Trainability Squad
The Leinster Trainability Squad commenced in the NAC in on September 30th, 2017 at 16:00. 
Information regarding the squad is outlined in the attached document. A separate link to the application form is here.

2018 Meet Licence Guidelines
Attached please find the updated 2018 Meet Licence Guidelines and Criteria. An updated application form will be issued in due course.

As part of the application process, all clubs in Leinster wishing to hold/host a competition must apply to Leinster Swimming for a date to hold their competition. We will collate the calendar for the region and work with clubs to ensure there are limited/no clashes with dates.

Any club events not included on the calendar by the closing date, may not be eligible to receive a licence at a later date, as part one of the process is to apply for a date in advance of the season. The season plan is attached so you can see available weekends.

Please note that no competitions can be permitted to be held on the same weekend as a National Competition, and no competitions are permitted to be held the weekend of the Swim Ireland Congress/Awards or the day of the Swim Ireland AGM (these dates are noted on the Season Plan).

Could you please submit your requested dates by Sunday July 16th, to We will review the dates, sort out any clashes and submit the calendar to Swim Ireland to be included on the National calendar along with the other regions. This will then be published on the Swim Ireland website.

New Line-up procedures for Leinster Galas
Click here for the new line-up procedures for Leinster Galas. They worked very well at the Graded on 25 Oct and will be used going forward.


Club News

Coaching Vacancy - Asgard Swimming Club
Asgard Swimming Club are seeking to fill a coaching vacancy. Please click here for full details.

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Master's News

Master's News, Records and Claim Forms are available here on the Swim Ireland web site.




Leinster Competitions Committeee 2017 - 2018
Pat Daly (New Ross) - Chair
Ger Fleming (Wexford) - Secretary
Patricia Healy - Cormorant
Yvonne Daly - New Ross
Linda Tormey
Philip FitzPatrick
Caroline Bentley - Asgard

National Meet licensing Committee
Stacey Morris - NAC

Click here for Terms of Reference of Leinster Competitions Committee