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Club Time Trials and October Virtual Meet
The current COVID-related restrictions will prevent Leinster Swimming from organising the Development and Qualifying Meets which are normally held in or around October. As of now we are still hoping that we can go ahead with the Leinster SC Championships in November, but all will depend on the government guidelines in place at that time.

In order to provide some competitive swimming experiences for swimmers with Leinster Clubs, we will run an "October Virtual Meet" which will effectively mean bringing together the results of Time Trials held in the individual clubs. Please carefully read the two attached documents; one of them provides the protocols under which the Time Trials are to be held, and the other provides information as to how these will be brought together as a "Virtual Meet". There will be no QTs or CTs for entry to this Virtual Meet, and times attained can be used for entry to the Leinster SC Championship.

Please note also the two Hy-Tek files attached which have been prepared as an assistance to both the holding of the Time Trials and the merging of the various club results into the "October Virtual Meet".
Meet Events-Leinster SC October Virtual Meet 2020-001
Swmm7Bkup October Virtual Meet-01


2018 Meet Licence Guidelines
Attached please find the updated 2018 Meet Licence Guidelines and Criteria. An updated application form will be issued in due course.

As part of the application process, all clubs in Leinster wishing to hold/host a competition must apply to Leinster Swimming for a date to hold their competition. We will collate the calendar for the region and work with clubs to ensure there are limited/no clashes with dates.

Any club events not included on the calendar by the closing date, may not be eligible to receive a licence at a later date, as part one of the process is to apply for a date in advance of the season. The season plan is attached so you can see available weekends.

Please note that no competitions can be permitted to be held on the same weekend as a National Competition, and no competitions are permitted to be held the weekend of the Swim Ireland Congress/Awards or the day of the Swim Ireland AGM (these dates are noted on the Season Plan).

Could you please submit your requested dates by Sunday July 16th, to We will review the dates, sort out any clashes and submit the calendar to Swim Ireland to be included on the National calendar along with the other regions. This will then be published on the Swim Ireland website.

New Line-up procedures for Leinster Galas
Click here for the new line-up procedures for Leinster Galas. They worked very well at the Graded on 25 Oct and will be used going forward.


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Master's News

Master's News, Records and Claim Forms are available here on the Swim Ireland web site.




Leinster Competitions Committeee 2018 - 2019

Caroline Bentley Chairperson Asg
Phillip Fitzpatrick Temp
Yvonne Daly Kilk
Ger Fleming Wex
Tracey Cullen Kilk
Nicole McInerney Asg
Patricia Healy Corm
Ross Moore LM

Management Committee
Ashley Godden - Kilk

National Meet licensing Committee
Stacey Morris - NAC

Click here for Terms of Reference of Leinster Competitions Committee