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Leinster Open Qualifying Gala - 19-21 Jan 18
Attached please find the (Revised 5 Jan 18) gala information and (updated 13 Dec) Hy-Tek set-up files for the Leinster Open Qualifying Gala, which will be held on January 19th / 20th / 21st next.

Latest Update
(17 Jan 18) Attached please find the revised Officials' Roster for this Open Qualifying Gala.
Please note especially the times for Warm-up and session commencement.

Scratches for this gala should be sent to the Leinster Gala Secretary ( by 5pm on Friday 19th. We will do a positive check-in for the 800m and 1500m events on Friday evening; otherwise swimmers will be presumed to be present unless they have been scratched. We can accept scratches through the weekend in cases of illness etc.

We look forward to welcoming you to the NAC next weekend.

Note 1: If you have already imported the original HyTek file into Team Manager, then you should delete the meet from TM and re-import the corrected file above.

This gala is organised in a very different manner to previous Leinster galas. Some Sessions will be for "Performance" swimmers who have approriate QTs as defined in the gala information. Other sessions will be for "Qualifiying" swimmers who have somewhat slower QTs, but who are too fast for the Development Gala on January 14th.
All events will be HDW. We look forward to welcoming swimmers from your club to the NAC in Janaury.

Note 2
: There have been some enquiries re 800m and 1500m swims - note that we will be offering these at the Qualifying/Distance LC gala on Feb 4th to both genders and to all swimmers who have achieved the Qualifying Standard in these disciplines.

Note 3: We have had a number of queries as to why there are only Boys 1500m and Girls 800m events at this Galat, and not also Girls 1500m and Boys 800m events. These latter events will be offered at the Leinster Distance/Qualifying Gala on Feb 4th. 

However, this latter date is too late to allow qualification through to the Dave McCullagh gala in mid-February. To assist swimmers who are aiming for the McCullagh Gala, Leinster Swimming have decided to change events 11 and 12 in the Open Qulaifying Gala to be Mixed events, to allow both Girls and Boys compete in the 1500m and 800m events.

Rather than change the Hy-Tek gala set-up files, coaches and gala secretaries should notify of the names of any girls who wish to enter the 1500m, or boys who want to compete at 800m. These should only be swimmers who are attempting to gain times for the McCullagh gala; others should enter the long distance events on Feb 4th. In any case, all swimmers whose names are put forward for these two events must have achieved the "Performance" time standard as indicated in the gala documentation.

Leinster Swimming will fit as many long-distance heats in as possible, up to a maximum of three heats of 1500m and six heats of 800m. These swims will be held on the evening of Friday Jan 19th.

Leinster Distance Qualifying Gala - 3-4 Feb 18
Attached is the revised Gala Information and HyTek Meet Events files for the Distance Qualifying Gala on Feb 3rd/4th.
There were some errors in the oriiginal documentation and Hy-Tek setup files, circulated on 16 Jan 18. Apologies for this. Corrected information attached. The corrections are as follows:

1. Clarified that this will be a LONG COURSE gala.

2. Start of session on Saturday evening has been brought 30mins earlier - now warming up at 5pm and starting competitive swimming at 6pm

3. Hy-Tek file was set only for ages 18+ for the 400 Free; this has been corrected to 10+ years. If you have already uploaded the gala into Team Manager, then you should delete it and re-load from the attached Hy-Tek file (with the 002 designation).

Apologies again for these errors.
As this information is very late going out we have set a late entry date; Sunday Jan 28th. Following consultation with Caroline and Pat, we are using just one set of (non age-related) Consideration Times which are fairly soft; the intention is to attract swimmers who would not have had the times to enter the Open Qualifying Gala on 19-21 Jan.

NAC Swim Club - LC Gala 25 Feb 18
Please find attached the meet information and HyTek Meet Events files for our upcoming LC gala.
This gala currently holds a Level 2 license but we hope that in the next week it will be upgraded to a Level 3 license, which will then allow times achieved on the day to be used as qualifying times.
We will run a full program of 50M, 100M and 200M events along with a limited number of 400M Freestyle heats.  The ten fastest swimmers competing in the  100M Freestyle event in the morning will progress to the final in the afternoon session.  The Male and Female winners will each take home The Dave Malone Perpetual Cup.
The closing date for entries is 9th February; any queries should be sent to Aveen Colvin.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.

2018 Meet Licence Guidelines
Attached please find the updated 2018 Meet Licence Guidelines and Criteria. An updated application form will be issued in due course.

As part of the application process, all clubs in Leinster wishing to hold/host a competition must apply to Leinster Swimming for a date to hold their competition. We will collate the calendar for the region and work with clubs to ensure there are limited/no clashes with dates.

Any club events not included on the calendar by the closing date, may not be eligible to receive a licence at a later date, as part one of the process is to apply for a date in advance of the season. The season plan is attached so you can see available weekends.

Please note that no competitions can be permitted to be held on the same weekend as a National Competition, and no competitions are permitted to be held the weekend of the Swim Ireland Congress/Awards or the day of the Swim Ireland AGM (these dates are noted on the Season Plan).

Could you please submit your requested dates by Sunday July 16th, to We will review the dates, sort out any clashes and submit the calendar to Swim Ireland to be included on the National calendar along with the other regions. This will then be published on the Swim Ireland website.

New Line-up procedures for Leinster Galas
Click here for the new line-up procedures for Leinster Galas. They worked very well at the Graded on 25 Oct and will be used going forward.


Club News

Coaching Vacancy - Asgard Swimming Club
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Leinster Competitions Committeee 2017 - 2018
Pat Daly (New Ross) - Chair
Ger Fleming (Wexford) - Secretary
Patricia Healy - Cormorant
Yvonne Daly - New Ross
Linda Tormey
Philip FitzPatrick
Caroline Bentley - Asgard

National Meet licensing Committee
Stacey Morris - NAC

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