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Welcome to the 2018/19 Leinster swimming season!
The first two Leinster Swimming competitions will take place on Sunday Sept 30th (Development Meet, Level Two) and the weekend of Oct 13th / 14th (Qualifying Meet, Level Three). These are both short-course swimming meets. The Leinster SC Championships will follow on November 2nd to 4th.

Leinster September Development Meet - NAC - 30 Sep 18
The September Development Meet is focused on swimmers who have competed at a couple of club galas and are ready to make the step up to regional competition. The Qualifying Times, which are age-related, are “Slower Than” and are specified in the gala information. Entry times should be provided for all entries. Times achieved at this meet can be used to progress to the Leinster Qualifying Meet and the Leinster SC Championship in November. This Development Meet replaces the old “Graded Gala” and Leinster Swimming will continue to present wristbands to all swimmers who achieve times equivalent to Grade 7 or better. Graded times are not age-related.
Attached are the Development Meet details and the HyTek Meet Events Files.

Leinster October Qualifying Meet - NAC - 13-15 Oct 18
The October Qualifying Meet will allow swimmers to acquire times that qualify them for the Irish National SC Championship. Building on the old “Distance Gala” a full range of Olympic events is offered at this gala, which for the first time has been extended to two days. The Consideration Times for this gala are “Faster Than”, are age-related, and are specified in the gala documentation. Times submitted which are outside the CTs may be used to fill heats etc where time and space allows. However all entries must have an entry time – NTs will be rejected.
Attached are the Qualifying Meet details and the HyTek Meet Events Files.

ESB Annual Gala - 10-11 Nov 18
The ESB Annual Gala will be held at Sportsco, Ringsend, Dublin on 10-11 Nov 18. Closing date for entries is 1 Nov 18. Attached are the Gala Details and HyTek Meet Events files for the gala.

Wexford Harvest Gala- Wexford Pool - 7 Oct 18
Attached please find Gala Details and Hy-Tek Meet Events files for the Wexford Harvest Gala, which will be held on Sunday October 7th.
We offer events in all strokes at 50m, 100m and 200m, together with IM avents at 100m, 200m and 400m, and also 400m Free. As we have applied for a Level Three licence this gala is restricted to swimmers aged 9 or over (as of Dec 31st 2018). Some of the longer events are restricted to ages 11 and over. 
There are no qualifying times associated with entry.
We look forward to welcoming swimmers from your club to the Southeast in early October.

Leinster Schools Swimming Championships 2018/2019
Leinster Schools Swimming Championships 2018/2019 will take place in the NAC on Sunday October 21st 2018. Details on the Schools Page.

Drinking Water.
As an environment-friendly measure, Leinster Swimming will no longer distribute bottled water to timekeepers / officials / coaches. Instead, a water cooler will be provided in the call-room. Timekeepers, officials and coaches are requested to bring their own water bottles with them and are welcome to re-fill them at the water cooler as required.

Athlete Development Program 2018-2019
Leinster Swimming are delighted to announce a pilot program aimed at 16-19-year olds in the regional swimming clubs. We recognise that the dropout rate from competitive swimming increases significantly from the age of 16 years upwards. This program is designed to retain athletes within aquatics sports.
Click the link for full details and an Application Form

Leinster Trainability Squad
The Leinster Trainability Squad commences in the NAC in on September 29th, 2018 at 16:00 – 18:00 and on Sunday 30th, 2018 at 08:00 – 10:00am. 
Information regarding the squad is outlined in the attached document. A separate link to the application form is here.

2018 Meet Licence Guidelines
Attached please find the updated 2018 Meet Licence Guidelines and Criteria. An updated application form will be issued in due course.

As part of the application process, all clubs in Leinster wishing to hold/host a competition must apply to Leinster Swimming for a date to hold their competition. We will collate the calendar for the region and work with clubs to ensure there are limited/no clashes with dates.

Any club events not included on the calendar by the closing date, may not be eligible to receive a licence at a later date, as part one of the process is to apply for a date in advance of the season. The season plan is attached so you can see available weekends.

Please note that no competitions can be permitted to be held on the same weekend as a National Competition, and no competitions are permitted to be held the weekend of the Swim Ireland Congress/Awards or the day of the Swim Ireland AGM (these dates are noted on the Season Plan).

Could you please submit your requested dates by Sunday July 16th, to We will review the dates, sort out any clashes and submit the calendar to Swim Ireland to be included on the National calendar along with the other regions. This will then be published on the Swim Ireland website.

New Line-up procedures for Leinster Galas
Click here for the new line-up procedures for Leinster Galas. They worked very well at the Graded on 25 Oct and will be used going forward.


Club News

Level 2 Coaching Vacancy - St. Fiaccs Swimming Club
St. Fiaccs Swimming Club wish to add to their existing coaching staff with a new Level Coach to run a minimum of 3 swim sessions per week and provide additional cover when necessary.. Please click here for full details.

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Master's News

Master's News, Records and Claim Forms are available here on the Swim Ireland web site.




Leinster Competitions Committeee 2018 - 2019

Caroline Bentley Chairperson Asg
Phillip Fitzpatrick Temp
Yvonne Daly Kilk
Ger Fleming Wex
Tracey Cullen Kilk
Nicole McInerney Asg
Patricia Healy Corm
Ross Moore LM

Management Committee
Ashley Godden - Kilk

National Meet licensing Committee
Stacey Morris - NAC

Click here for Terms of Reference of Leinster Competitions Committee

Accommodation for IAG Div 2
Please see attached for accommodation info for the Swim Ireland Division 2 competition in July.