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Leinster 'B' Schools Gala - 28 May 17
Please find attached the information and entry forms for the Leinster 'B' Schools Gala which will be held in 'The Watershed' Kilkenny on Sunday May 28th 2017.
Closing date for entries is Friday March 31st 2017.
Please direct any enquiries to Caroline, the Leinster Gala Secretary,
An updated Entry List is now attached. Also included are details of the Warm-up for the Gala.

Leinster Division One Open/Graded Championship 2017 - 2-4 Jun 17
Attached please find the Gala Details and Hy-Tek Meet Events files for the Leinster Division One Open/Graded Championship which will be held in the NAC from Friday June 2nd to Sunday June 4th. This, the final Leinster event of the swimming season, is always a great occasion with tremendous competition and racing; we look forward to having you and your swimmers at the NAC for this Championship event.

Note: Leinster Swimming have decided to add 50m Sprint Events at this Leinster Div One Gala.
The attached document provides the details, but essentially we will be running 50m Breastroke and Butterfly first thing on Saturday morning and 50m Freestyle and Backstroke first thing on Sunday morning. These events will be HDW; the Freestyle will be age-grouped but the other events will be open. These events will give swimmers the opportunity to qualify through to the sprint events at the Irish Age Group and Open Championships. A HyTek Meet Events file for the Sprints only is also attached.

As the entry closing date for the Leinster Div One gala is close, I have, for the purpose of collecting entries, set up the Sprint events as a separate gala. Please follow the following procedure:

1. Entries for all events as previously advertised (100m, 200m and distance events) should be submitted by Saturday next, May 20th, as in the gala documentation.

2. Load up the Hy-Tek Meet set-up file attached above (filename Meet Events-Leinster Division One 2017 50m Sprints-02 June into Team Manager as you would a separate gala.

3. Fill in your entries for Sprint events using this "gala" and return to the Gala Secretary in the usual way, separately from the entries to the main gala.

4. Closing date for entries to the sprint events is Friday 26th May.

5. The Gala Secretary will then merge the Sprint entries back into the main gala.

6. The Officials Roster will be prepared on the basis of entries received this coming Saturday into the "main" gala and distributed to clubs early next week.

We hope that this is clear and represents the best means of allowing clubs some time to consider entries to Sprint events while proceeding with the previously-advertised entry schedule for all other events.

Wexford SC LCS Gala - Sat-Sun 17-18 Jun 17
Wexford SC invite entries to their “Last Chance Saloon” Gala, which will be held this
year on the Sunday June 18th at Wexford Swimming Pool, Ferrybank, Wexford. This Gala is
aimed primarily at swimmers who seek to achieve qualification for the Irish Age-Group and
Summer Open Gala in July although all swimmers are of course, very welcome. They are running a Distance session on Saturday night (17 Jun) as part of the Last Chance gala for swimmers aiming for IAG 1 times in 1500m and 800m events. Please note the entry deadline for the Distance events is June 3rd but for all other events it is June 10th. Attached are full Gala Details, Distance Events Note and HyTek Meet Events files.

Wexford SC "Small Fry" Gala - 17 Jun 17
Wexford SC invite entries to their "Small Fry" Gala which will be held on Sat 17 Jun 17 at Wexford Swimming Pool, Ferrybank, Wexford. Attached are full Gala Details and HyTek Meet Events file.

NAC Annual LC Gala - 11 Jun 17
Please find attached meet information and HyTek Meet Events files for the NAC Annual LC Gala which will take place in the NAC on Sunday 11th June. They will be running 50, 100 and 200 Metre events in all strokes; they will also run a 400 free and 200IM. This gala is open to all Swim Ireland members and registration numbers for all swimmers should be included with the HyTek entry file. Please feel free to contact Aveen Colvin should you have any queries. NAC SC look forward to seeing many of you in the NAC on 11th June.


New Line-up procedures for Leinster Galas
Click here for the new line-up procedures for Leinster Galas. They worked very well at the Graded on 25 Oct and will be used going forward.

Guidance Notes
Some time ago, Ger Fleming produced an Explanatory Note for swimmers and parents that outlines how a Graded Gala is organised and how the medals are awarded. He also provided a list of the Grades/Times for the different events; this might be placed on your club notice-boards or websites along with the Explanatory Note.

Meet Licencing
Swim Ireland is now introducing a Meet licensing programme which was piloted successfully in Munster in 2012-2013 with a view to rolling out the programme nationally in 2014.

The purpose of a Meet Licensing programme is to seek to ensure that all swimmers will have the opportunity to swim in competitions which are specific to their ability and that competitions of relevant levels are run to the same/equivalent standard. The Meet Licence Initiative is designed to offer three categories of competition classification in Ireland, which range, for example, from inter-club galas where no electronic timing is in place to the highest level category which would include national championship events. The licence process is a simple administration and advance planning exercise which must be completed by competition organisers prior to the competition season. The programme is designed to help support the National calendar planning process and in particular support the Long Term Athlete Development Pathway in terms of competition and training. The initiative will be managed centrally through a Meet Licence panel and will have a specified Meet Licence Coordinator.

Information regarding the Background to the Licence, the Licensing Process and an Application Form in PDF Format  as well as a MS Word version are attached.

From September 1st 2014, Regions applying for Level 2A licences and clubs applying for Level 3A licences, will be required to have qualified officials in the Lead Referee role at the very least. Also from September 2014, results from competitions without electronic timing cannot be used to enter National Competitions.

Ideally, clubs should start to complete applications now, so that if there are any issues, they can be flagged before the programme is officially in place in September.

All clubs who apply for a licence through this procedure, will be awarded a licence (unless there are huge concerns around Health and Safety) and Swim Ireland will work with clubs to ensure they have the appropriate personnel etc in place, to receive the highest level of licence possible.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding this process, you can contact Niamh McDonnell on or Pat Daly, Leinster representative on the National competitions committee, on

Club News


Leinster Clubs who would like to put news or other information on this page should submit it to Tom Roche by eMail at Suitable photos can also be submitted for the Gallery Page

Master's News

Master's News, Records and Claim Forms are available here on the Swim Ireland web site.




Leinster Competitions Committeee 2016 - 2017
Pat Daly (New Ross) - Chair
Ger Fleming (Wexford) - Secretary
Patricia Healy - Cormorant
Antoinette Rossiter - Templeogue

Gala Secretary Leinster Schools
Caroline Bentley - Asgard
Yvonne Daly - New Ross

National Competitions Committee
Pat Daly (New Ross)

Click here for Terms of Reference of Leinster Competitions Committee
Click here for Leinster Region Competitions Handbook (revised 10 Feb 14)

Gala Entry Fees
The Leinster gala secretary will clearly state on all documentation for forthcoming galas

1) the closing date for HyTek files
2) the final payment date.

The final payment date will be (First Post) Friday after the closing date.
If a club fails to make the correct payment (as per HyTek) by the final payment date, that club’s swimmers will not be eligible to compete in the Leinster gala.
To receive acknowledgement of the receipt of gala fees, please email the Leinster Treasurer at